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Basket of Mixed Sea Shells.

$ 5.00

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Small Basket of  mixed sea shells Natural & very pretty shells of different sizes, shapes and colours. 10cm x 5cm deep small  gift basket. Approx : 20 shells per basket Each basket of shells will be a slightly different with different sizes & colours of shells. Perfect for Miniature, fairy Gardens, Beach Gardens, Tereniums, etc and also great for crafts, decorations, table decorations etc All our shells are By-products of the fishing Industry. No killing & removing from the wild just for the shell! They are collected from many places including aqua farms. We are firm believers of fair trade & only purchase our shells from companies who respect humanity.

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Mermaid Cat - Salmon in Pink holding a Seashell - 4.5cm tall.


The shells are all sourced in a sustainable way and are loose within the basket so can be used for many purposes or display as it is Suitable for the

25cm Woven Basket of Mixed Size Real Sea Shells (A)

Shells Mixed Natural Shells, Beach Shells, Craft Shells, Decorative Shells, for Vase Fillers, Beach Theme Party Wedding Decor, Candle Making, Weight Approx. 230 g: Buy Online at Best Price in Egypt

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Mixed Sea Shell in a Wooden Basket, 5 Inches

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